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SCLP is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization comprised of compassionate volunteers dedicated to saving the lives of petsl We are now boarding dogs and cats at the rescue. Next time you leave town leave your beloved pet with us!

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was a wonderful success

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SCLP offers abundant opportunities to work on projects such as kennel cleaning, kennel sitting, walking rescue dogs, feeding and watering dogs and cats.

SCLP relies upon dedicated volunteers to assist with all functions at the rescue/shelter. Contact SCLP if you have some time you would like to share.

We are always in need of more volunteers. Click here to download our volunteer form and bring it with you when you come to volunteer.



Baths, ear cleaning, and nail trims and
so MUCH more!!
Stop by today or call 402.277.7056!!

Deb's cell: 402.432.2814
Veronica's cell: 402.310.3178

Our wonderful Mascot, Lucky passed away on Tuesday, March 27, 2012. He was a true, loyal, faithful friend and all of us at SCLP and all our volunteers will miss him greatly. He was one of the spunkiest and yet, most loving dogs to ever pass through our doors. He spent 18 months living with us since it was decided that due to his heartworm postive condition and extreme anxiety about change that he should not got into a home, but make SCLP his forever loving home.

He came into the rescue after he was closed into someone's garage and was not able to escape. Myself and many others had tried to catch him as he was a known stray to the area. He was so street smart though and we could never catch him. He wouldn't eat any food that was left out for him and he wouldn't eat from a human hand. It was only towards the end of his life that we could actually get him to eat treats and take meds from us by hand. We always had to grind up his medicine into his food to get him to take it. On arrival his hair was so matted that we had to shave all it off so he could grow a new healthy coat. He had many scars on his body that spoke of the tough life he had lived. But he was beautiful and his eyes told alot of his story along with his rough condition and buckshot in his hind. He never stayed in a kennel but instead roamed the entire building and met every other dog that happened to pass through. His presence was Large. He was also a great helper with all our daily chores :<).

We know he is running and healthy now and we know we will meet him again someday.
Thank you Lucky for all the unconditional love you gave to us and for all you did for each of us at SCLP.
I personally enjoyed and cherished Every Minute of Every Day of your life that we shared together.
You will be missed.

Life is as dear to the mute creature as it is to man. Just as one wants
happiness and fears pain, just as one wants to live and not to die, so do
other creatures." The Dalai Lama


Each pet is given a large 5 x 5 (25 sq. foot) space to be comfortable in while you are away. We ask each family to bring food and bed and anything else that will make their family friend comfortable while they travel. Friends go outside to our fenced yards for "potty breaks". Extra play times and walks are available for any and all, they are optional.

Lots of lovin' and personal attention just like at home!

Call 402.432.2814 or 402.310.3178 or 402.277.7056 for more information on dog boarding and dog daycare.

Volunteers at work! See the pictures

We are located at 226 West 5th Street in Wahoo, Nebraska. We have a large building and three outdoor play yards. We also have a large indoor play area, as well as training area. Our dogs are kept in room-sized, large kennels so they are comfortable and have plenty of space to move around and enjoy their day, whether they are boarding with us or waiting for a new forever home. All get lots of love and attentions and treats!

We are always in need of more volunteers or host/foster families to host rescue animals that require special care or handling. If you are interested in providing a foster home or volunteering, please contact Debora 402-432-2814. (BLOG Coming Soon)

SCLP Board Members

Debora Wilcox, President
Veronica Beckman, Vice President
Glen Wilcox, Treasurer
Cheryl Devlin, Secretary
Kim Anson
Mike Luben
Judy Mink
Cathy Binstock
Kevin Stukenholtz
Scott Tingelhoff
Jim Sweeney

This site is dedicated in memory of Elliott and Sam Wilcox. To honor them and their fun loving, wonderful, yet onery spirits. Both were lost on 5/07/2005 when they got out of our yard and were never seen again. We have many wonderful memories of Elliott and Sam.

The loss of our two labs is the catalyst to starting this rescue. It is our hope that by the creation of this website and the rescue we can increase the chances for more lost pets to get back home. Our first goal is to return lost pets back home. When it is not possible to locate original owners our goal is to find new forever homes.

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