Success Stories

Butch’s new family writes:

Just wanted to wish everyone there a Merry Christmas and give you an update on Butch. He is doing great!! What a wonderful dog!! We found out he loves to “tree” every cat on the farm, and he can “climb” the fence around our yard. But, we are working on these issues and they are small compared to everything good about him!! He spends his days and nights in the house with the family. He and I go on walks around the farm and the section. Thank you so much for recommending him!! He’s a wonderful addition to our family! Hope you enjoy the photo.

Luke’s family writes:

It was one of the luckiest days of my life when I walked in there … and came out with Luke. Thank you so much for what you do and thank you for saving my wonderful boy! ūüôā

Molly’s new family writes:

Molly did well in the crate all night last night beside our bed (on my side.) Not a peep out of her. She was a little scared to come down our flight of stairs this morning (two story house), but with some gentle coaxing she did okay. The steps are carpeted, so they’re not slippery at least. She was fabulous on our walk last night ! ! ! Several of the neighbors have met her. They all think she’s GREAT as well. My best friend is coming over to meet her today. Molly is lying at my feet right sleeping now. Maybe I woke her up too early this morning – – – I am an early riser…………

Molly has GREAT manners in the house. With her large size, I thought she may be a little more rambunctious. Can you tell me if her former family lived on a farm or an acreage? She sure seems to have settled in to “city life” in a hurry. I truly don’t think her tail has stopped wagging since she arrived here. We are sooooooo thankful they decided to give her up and thankful to you that you are so compassionate to the animals and put Molly + our family together. I’m also glad that I originally emailed you about Sophie via PetFinder, who was already adopted . . . which led us to Molly. Things seem to work out perfectly. My friend said, “It takes another wonderful dog to mend a broken heart.” (re: having to put our Carly Sue down in April.) I think she’s right.

ZeeZee’s family writes:

So.¬†Just in case you didn’t get my text last night. I think you may know this dog. ūüôā

“Spoiled” is the face I get for chicken jerky.
“Spoiled1” is attacking the new rope toy…she wallered and snorted and played with it forever (in the chair…as I sat on the floor).
“Spoiled2” is the look I get when I tell her I’m going to move her from my chair.

ZeeZee has adjusted just fine. She has her own new toys, blanket, kennel, food, bowls. Jeff gave her a bath yesterday and she is bright-bright white and she turns into “rocket dog” after bath time. We are both shocked at what a good girl she is. When she gets treats, she takes them very gently. When she has to go potty, she does a little dance by the door.¬†

She has a kennel with her own “Dora” blanket. She stayed in it all night and didn’t make a peep. Jeff let her out this morning and she went straight to the door. She has a lead outside that reaches everywhere we go. I have a feeling she may not need it for long, but it’s just a precaution. I did a little test where I unhooked her from the lead and she bounced all around me right over to the door.¬†

She’s already been taken ‘bye-bye’ and does great in the car.¬†

Her and Jack (the cat) are scoping each other out. She stuck her cold wet snout where Jack did not want a cold wet snout to be stuck and he turned around and whacked her. It appears that’s all it took to establish dominance…now ZeeZee admires him from a safe distance, but they seem to be doing just fine. I’m sure they will be cuddle buddies soon enough.

She is a very quick learner, I have a feeling as long as we’re all consistent, she’s going to pick up whatever we ask of her quite quickly. Jeff is really good with her. He’s in charge of all the training…and teaching Natalie and I as well.

She learned “back” already and doesn’t charge the door when we walk out. I think she understands “kennel” because she’ll look at it…but that’s all. ūüôā Jeff will be home with her most of the day and we’re all home at night. I try to go for at least a 30 minute walk on most days. We figure this will be good ‘leash training’ time…as well wear her out. As we all know a tired dog is a good dog.

Thank you so much for letting us adopt her. There’s been a lot of personal loss and a considerable amount of sadness this year. ZeeZee has brought a “life” and happiness back – in less than 24 hours, I think she’s something we all needed. In return, she will have nothing short of a wonderful life.

She will be able to acclimate and settle in (I think she has already), and Natalie will come home from her Dad’s house on Friday. This little dog hasn’t even begun to see spoiled…Natalie will be over the moon and will love-love-love her.

I hope you enjoy the pictures, I will be sure to send more. Again, thank you for all you do for the animals, your efforts are not unnoticed.

Much love & God bless you,

ZeeZee’s Mom

Medor’s family writes:

Everyone’s doing great!
Medor is a MAJOR snuggler. The bed is his domain.
I wish I had a million more just like him!
Hope things at the shelter are booming for you, in good ways. 

Sophie’s new family writes:

Hello Debora! I thought I would send you a few emails with “SOPHIE” in them (the little female Corgi) we bought the day before Christmas! She is a light here for us, even though we are still working on potty training and JUDE (the male Chi) tries to show her who the boss is (but she don’t listen) LOL! I hope you enjoy! I will have to send a few emails as this is only a few pics I have taken and I hope I don’t bore you to tears with them! But againI thank you ever so much for holding her for us to get (from Iowa to Nebraska)! It was soooo very worth it! She is a joy! Have a great week! Katie

Jake’s new family writes:

Debora, I want you to know how much we love Jake. He is such a gentle soul and a wonderful dog. Jack and Shasta love playing with him and Jake loves going on long walks and looking at the deer and wild turkeys we have around here. Even our neighbors have fallen in love with him…….¬†

Snoopy’s new family writes:

I just wanted to say thank you again! Snoopy is now, Buster! (We have a dog named Snoop so it would have been a little confusing!) Buster is doing AMAZING! Our other dogs immediately took to him and he is already just one of the clan! He loves walking around with us on the farm, running through the pasture and creek, and pays no attention to our free range chickens, ducks and geese. He is uninterested in the cats and has not shown one ounce of aggression at all. He was even sunning on the deck yesterday. He sleeps with Thursey in her bed and she loves waking up and having him there! He likes to ride with us to drop her off at school and pick her up. He gets a little upset when she leaves the car though! He is extremely smart, sweet and will be an all around great dog to have as part of our family!

He has only had a couple pee accidents in the house which is completely expected but understands when I take him out that the leg lifting belongs outside. He seems to go to an immediate submissive position when we get after him, but I am sure he will trust in time that we won’t hurt him. He is a little scared of the dark outside! Isn’t that interesting? So I just walk outside with him and stay out there until he is done sniffing and doing his business. 

We will send you some photos next week, but for now, here is the video everyone loved that we put up when we were in ‚Äúlooking‚ÄĚ mode. I thought I would share it with you!¬†

Thanks for this little jewel and know that he will spend his days totally being a happy dog and our buddy!

Lucky’s new family writes:

Hi Deborah!
Just wanted you to know how much we adore Lucky! She is the sweetest little girl ever! She has adjusted very quickly and well. We have had a couple of potty accidents, but we’re working on it. She slept in our bedroom last night on a bed on the floor, and never had to go out once. She seems to have her “little accidents” in the day. I don’t think the lady who had her before gave her much training. She’s getting bolder all the time–learned how to take the basement stairs today. She barks at me and wants to play, but then gets shy when I come toward her sometimes. None of this is a problem at all – she learns quickly and has become the love of our lives. Thank you so much!

Also, I have not received an e-mail on the microchip yet, but perhaps it’s too soon. Just thought I’d mention it.¬†It was wonderful meeting you and your volunteers. We admire you for your wonderful ministry to the animals!¬†Our best to you! Please keep in touch! Linda

A-Rods new family writes:

Hi Debora!
We just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy we are to have A-rod in our home! We simply cannot thank you enough for all your help & expertise in introducing him into our family! First of all, we decided to call him Hank. He must have liked our decision because he started to respond to his new name in the first couple of days. Hank made himself at home here pretty quickly. He’s had no accidents in the house at all & he loves his new yard.¬†

Lulu & hank have warmed up to each other quite well. They get a long walk together everyday & they enjoy running around in the yard too. They even share their toys really well. Sometimes they play a little tug-o-war & take turns letting the other one win, it’s pretty cute! They also have started snuggling up for nap time on the couch together. They are quickly becoming best buds. As i said before we just can’t thank you enough for caring for & letting us adopt this wonderful little dog! He hasn’t even been here 2 months & we can hardly imagine what we did without him. He has just made our home feel complete. Thank you all soooo much! I have already told tons of people about you & your organization. We have a few friends that are thinking of adopting 2nd dogs & we will try our hardest to get them to come to you first. Please keep us updated on things you need @ the shelter- we look forward to helping you out in any way possible. Keep up the great work & thank you again, 1000 times over!
Mandy, Nate, Lulu & Hank


Zues’s family writes:

Hi Debora,
I know you love your dogs and put a lot of time and effort into your rescues, so I thought you might like to know how Zeus is doing. He’s definitely a success story! From the moment we brought him home, he became part of the family and settled in as if he’d always lived with us. He seems very happy with us and adjusted very easily to his new environment. He’s very loving and affectionate, follows us from room to room to be with us at all times, is very cooperative and obedient, learns quickly, and wants to please us. He loves to catch balls, be brushed and take walks and is really improving on a leash. He barks very seldom and has never had an accident in the house. He’s becoming a little less frantic about his food as he’s learning that there’s a steady supply and he doesn’t have to worry about it. All in all, he’s the perfect dog for us and we all bonded immediately. We just love him!

Our vet removed his back dew claws earlier this week and x-rayed him. The spine is perfect with no arthritis. One hip looks good also. The other one is a little loose in the joint, slight dysplasia, but no arthritis or bone spurs at this point. Hopefully, it won’t get worse, but of course, there’s no way to tell. What I know for sure is that there’s no sign of problems in his gait at this time.

Debora, thank you so much for all your efforts in rescuing this big guy and uniting him with us. We call him our “gentle giant.” It’s a joy to have him as part of our lives. We knew we had the right dog for us when little kids at the park could run up and hug him. He couldn’t possibly have a nicer disposition. He’s defnitely a keeper! Kathy

2nd Update from Greta’s family:

Took Greta to the Quail Forever Hunting Dog Classic in Lee’s Summit this morning. This is the first time she has ever been in any type of compitition but figured since it was close I would see how she did. Seems she knew she was center stage when it came her turn to run and she proved up to the test. Out of 30 dogs she came in 4th place and had a blast her stubby little tail not still all day except when she was on point. There were more then a few of the other dog owners that seemed a bit surprised when they found out she was a rescue. A fact I made sure was mentioned when she the ribbons were handed out.

Blu’s family writes:
We are celebrating in our home today with the one-year anniversary of Blu finding his forever home with us. We are so grateful for the work that you do and grateful that he came into our lives. He needed us and we needed him.

Blu is the best dog I have ever had, and I have had MANY labs. I still miss my Jimmy as I reflected on his passing of one year ago, but my heart is full with the love that Blu gives us all. He is a member of our family and travels with us on trips, never being left behind. He rides to and from school each day with me to drop off or pick up our son. He also gets plenty of exercise and tons of attention and love. When I am working in my office, Blu waits patiently at my feet for me to get my coat and go outdoors with him.

Blu is well-known in the neighborhood as he sports his blue collar. When we are outside and in the yard, all the kids that pass by the fence line shout out, ‚ÄúHi Blu.‚ÄĚ Blu is very gentle with the children that play with him under our supervision, of course. And, Blu has his very own bed, a bed for a human that I have in my office. A guy that big needs to have his very own bed for his joints as he rests and sleeps.

We are reflecting and celebrating today. We have our True Blu, Marmablu, Blooby Blooby Blu, Blu Bunny, Big Baby Blu and many other names that we affectionately call him. In the end, he is our Blu and will always be. THANK YOU!
p.s. And by the way, I catch my husband all the time talking to Blu softly, scratching him under his chin while telling him he loves him.

Fletcher’s (Lilo’s) new family:
Hi Debora,
Just wanted to give you an update on Fletcher. He is almost to good to be true! He did awesome with the cat, and he and Mac are getting along better and better. Last night he whined for about 2 minutes in his crate and then my husband said “quiet!” and Fletch went right to sleep. He ran around with my son and his friends today, got to splash in the creek and chase some tennis balls, he was in heaven! We love him so much! Already can’t imagine life without him. I’ll send you some pic’s when I get a chance. Thanks for all you do for animals like Fletch. Oh, yes, here is a link to the Bible verse I was telling you about:¬† is Proverbs 12:10, and the link gives the verse in all the different Bible versions, but it essentially all says the same thing, “A righteous man (woman) cares for the needs of his animal”.
Thanks again,

Maxx’s new family:
We adopted Max in February from you. I love reading the success stories on your website and thought I would send you the biggest success story you’ve ever had! Since we adopted Max, he has been renamed Mojo. What an absolute delight he is! He is so loving and loves to give hugs and kisses. He also likes to nibble your ears! Mojo is living a charmed life with us. He’s been spending his days swimming in the pool, eating pears from our pear tree and playing with his new “big brother” Merlin. Mojo is such a joy and blessing to have in our lives. He has a fantastic personality and always ready to play or cuddle. Everything about him is so wonderful, but I am particularly thrilled with how much he loves the water. He always swims laps with me! Right along side me, smiling. On days he can’t swim, he likes to sit in the corner of the shower while someone is in it. How funny! Thank you so much for bring Mojo into our lives!!!! There is so much I could tell you about how wonderful he is, but I would take up too much of your time. Thank you again for Mojo :o)

Millie’s (Sally’s) new family:
Here are two pictures of Maggie and Millie (Sally). They have finally become best friends, it took awhile but now go everywhere together. At night they both rush to their beds because they know treats are coming then its sleeptime. The dog door is getting a real workout since they follow each other in and out. I am so glad I found Millie to be Maggies sister, I think we all will have a very long fun life together. 

Gretel’s new family:
Took Gretta out Saturday morning to see how she did on Quail after two weeks at the trainers (all she needed). She was a true joy to be with. Obeying every command with a wag of her tail. She impressed the people at the bird farm and helped to give rescue dogs a good name with several of the people there. She and Murphy are showing people that if they are like myself looking for pets that sometimes go hunting that rescue dogs are a truely good option. Hopefully during this season we can get more and more people looking that way for their next dog.

Walter’s new family:
I wanted to let you know Sir Walter is working out great, he is so easy and low key. ¬†We walk twice a day morning and night. He loves being next to us all the time. ¬†When our Granddaughter comes over she wants to take her toys but if she’s sleeping he lays right next to her. ¬†He loves going in the car for rides as well. ¬†I saw the picture of Winston and wondered if he was the one that was mistaken for Walter. ¬†He is really cute also. ¬†Hope he finds a home. ¬†Missed your opening but hope to stop by to see the new facility. Lisa

Bo’s new family:
I sure hope you haven’t forgotten about Bo! (I don’t really see how you¬†could have ;)) Well, I figured I’d better send you some pictures of him just so you know he’s doing just great! We take him to the dog park all the time and wish you could see how much fun he has playing with all the other dogs there…And, soon after we brought him home, we found out how…gassy…he is–and we just find it hilarious.
He has definitely turned into a daddy’s boy–and is more Eric’s dog than ‘our dog’ and it’s adorable.¬† He still thinks he’s a lap dog sometimes too.¬† Every day he crawls up onto our laps on the couch and just lays there…anyway, just thought I’d drop a line to let you know he’s doing great! Melissa and Eric

Jakes’s new family:
Hello Deb and everybody at SCLP. I wanted to let you know that Jake is now a certified animal therapy dog with Paws for Friendship. He is such a stud. We plan on spending many days with people who need a friend. 

Gunner’s new family:
Hi Debora, we adopted Gunner 10 days ago.  He is now Riley Campbell. He is the sweetest boy.  He feels like he has been a part of our lives forever.  He loves running in our very large yard chasing sqirrrels and loves being at the lake and on the boat.  He has very good indoor manners, was taught to not get on furniture which is good as he is soooo big.  However we did teach him to get on our bed and now we have all 3 dogs sleeping with us at various times of the night. My husband loves him and they play all the time.  He begins obedience classes on Nov 3.  We just want him to respond to commands and be easier to walk. We love him and It appears he feels the same. Thank you for putting us together, I will send you some pics.  Marcie

Ace’s new family:

Hi Debora,
I just wanted to give you an update on Ace. ¬†He’s doing really really well! ¬†He’s very comfortable in the house, and with me. ¬†He’s become really affectionate within these past few weeks; he will come lay his head on my lap when I am studying, bring his toys over to me and bump me with his nose so I know he wants to play, and he sleeps on the bed with me now too – he’s so cute I couldn’t resist! ¬†He gets all sorts of attention from my friends and has become really comfortable with them too. ¬†His ‘aunties’ have bought him some toys – he is a big fan of stuffed animals, he loves to rip out all of the stuffing!! ¬†He’s hung out with my parents’ beagle and they get along sooo well. ¬†They will both go in my backyard and Ace will tease Sooner (the beagle) with a toy and then she will start chasing him in circles around the backyard. ¬†They get tired, come to a dead halt and lie down, and then when he’s ready, Ace will go tease her again so she will chase him. ¬†I’m getting two more roommates this month so he’ll have even more attention around the house. ¬†He doesn’t know it yet, but his aunties are coming over to help me give him a ‘holiday bath’ so he smells good!! ¬†He still loves going on walks, no matter how cold it is!, and likes to run with me too. ¬†I have some new pics of him on my camera – I will download them on my computer and email them to you. ¬†I bought him a stuffed animal that says “I Love My Mommy” and I have a pic of him with it – it lasted about a day until his tore it apart ūüôā ¬†Well, that’s all for now, let me know if you have any questions about him! ¬†Oh, do you know when his birthday is? ¬†Otherwise I’ll just pick a day – we’re going to have a fun little bday party for him!!!

Kelly & Shelby’s new family:

I’m writting to you to give you an update on Kelly and Shelby. We’ve had them for alittle over a year now and they are enjoyning being dogs. They play ball and frisbee. They love helping out with all the farm chores. They help us round up the cows and horse. Kelly has been doing wonderful on her shots and her special food. All of her sores are gone. I will send you pictures. Thanks Lisa Marie¬†

Rumer (now Sonja’s) new family writes:

I’m voting every day. Just a quick note about the border collie you called Rumer. I renamed her Sanja and she is a jewel. She will probably have insecurity issues all her life but she gets better every day. Buddy, my big springer, was a great help as he accepted her immediately. She decided on her own one day that she didn’t need to be on a leash to go out in the yard (fully fenced)and she and Buddy now run, play fight and terrorize the squirrels. She and Buddy have been good for each other since thier engergy levels are pretty equal. She’s gentle and well behaved and she and Buddy are good friends with the children that live next door. The decision to adopt her was good for everyone. Buddy and I wouldn’t know what to do without her around now. Take care and keep up the good work. Glenn

Fritz’s writes:

Hi Debora,
Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful home!
I live on a farm with cows, cats and even guineas (birds).  I have so much area to run around on the farm.  I get to do chores with my Dad and go for walks with my Mom.  I even learned how to play fetch.  My friends, Stitches and Baylee, come over to play with me quite often.  The puppy in me comes out once and awhile, because I get so excited to be here.  Doggy kisses to say thanks!
My parents:
Willie & Aggie

Rylee’s new family writes:

Rylee and Sammy are getting along wonderfully. The two of them have been playing together a lot which has made them best friends. ¬†We’ve been taking 20 min walks (pretty cold to go much longer) every day. ¬†Both of them have even begun sleeping in our bed at night. ¬†Right after the whole family has dinner, the two pups start to follow Mom and Dad around. ¬†They both sit in the middle of the group when we read bedtime stories and follow us from room to room as we perform our nightly tuck-ins. ¬†Then, when we’re relaxing on the couch they lay at our feet (or laps if we let them) and “lead” us to bed at night. ¬†Our queen size bed is now much more cramped with both of them!¬†Rylee is a wonderful girl. ¬†She has really folded in to our family quite nicely.¬†

Jade and Rutger’s (who is now Jack) new family writes:

Just thought I would send some pictures. Jade and Jack are doing great and just about have us trained, By the way Rutger just didn’t work for me, so now he is Jack. There have been a few challenges but its getting better. They thought we needed a new couch, we had read the book, all the shoes were almost too small, and the screen was in Jacks way he just wanted to say Hi to the mailman. We are going to have to tip the newspaper boy and Kim needed a new jacket anyway.

Jade came to us at a time when we needed her and I think she needed us. Jack is a big loveable bear that lies under the kitchen table on my feet. Jack and Jade are real buddies and have a great time in the yard. We have yet to figure out how all four of us can sleep in the same bed, but they keep trying.
Dave, Kim, Emily, Alison, Jade and Jack PS. I think we are going to need a bigger boat


Nibble’s new family writes:

Hi Debora,
Here are some pics of Nibbles. ¬†He is quite photogenic! Within the last week we have learned to fetch, play tug-o-war with Deuce and to go to the door when we have to potty! ¬†New developments everyday. ¬†He loves playing the snow too…he roots around in it like a pig and sometimes he’ll even roll in it! ¬†He is always doing something funny. ¬†Just the other day he almost had me in tears laughing when he was playing with a toy that had a squeeker in it. ¬†He was flopping around like a fish on the floor with this toy,and everytime it would squeek he would jump and go hide behind a chair, peek out, run back to it, make it squeek, only to scare himself all over again!! ¬†And this went on for 20 minutes or better!
Hope all is well with you!

P.S. ¬†We’ve done perfect without the crate. ¬†Nibbles only likes to play with his toys while we’re out…..every single one of them! ¬†They’re all over the house when we get home:)

Hunter’s writes:

Dear Debora,
I thought I would just drop you a note and let you know how things were going.

I came to visit over the 4th of July and decided to stay. ¬†Except I didn’t know how it would be with my two new cat friends, but they are okay.

Mom and I have had lots of talks about stuff I shouldn’t get into like trash cans, toliet paper and paper towels. ¬†But we decided that the trash can always be picked up and hey you can still use paper towels and toliet paper that have my teeth holes in them.

I am sending a couple of pictures just so you can see I am okay. I was getting to eat my food where I wanted to, but for Christmas Igot a brand shiny new dog dish thats off the ground, so I have to eat in the kitchen now

When I am really good, I get to take my naps in bed, otherwise I have to take them on my pillow.I get to go for rides and when the weather is nice, I get to have the window rolled down.

And you know what my mom makes me do, we have to go for walks even when it is cold outside. ¬†I really don’t like these I would rather be inside where it is warm!¬†¬†And the best part, I get lots of hugs and kisses and of course treats, so I am really happy and glad you let me come here.¬†

Thanks for all the care and love you gave me when I was with you.  It made me a really good dog in my new home. I will talk to you later.

Shasta’s new family writes:

Debora, we want you to know that Shasta is doing great and we just love her so much.  She has settled in really well and all the dogs get along great!  Thank you for all your wonderful and important work.  You all do so much and many of us are keeping you and all your four legged friends in our prayers!
Kerry and Steve – Jake, Duke, and Shasta

ps – Shasta is official – she has her own Christmas stocking now!

Oliver’s new family writes:

Oliver and I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy Howl – idays!

Touhy’s new family writes:

Hi Debora and family!
HO! HO! HO!¬†Just wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!! Attached is our Christmas picture with Santa Paws. Touhy is so delightful…he is the best dog and a wonderful addition to our family. ¬†Touhy and Beryl play non-stop for hours all day long…just two boys playing and having lots of fun.
Enjoy the holiday season!!! ¬†Cheers…Carol¬†

Bella’s new family writes:

Hi Debora – just wanted to wish you Merry Christmas and thank you for the past year with Bella.¬†This time last year we didn’t have Bella and were still very down about the loss of Duke and Daisy. This Christmas is very different as we celebrate with our very loveble girl.

I’ve attached a photo of how you remember Bella and the beautiful adult girl she is now. It was taken here on the farm and I think it is so good.

I hope these photos are a reminder that the work you are doing is wonderful and it is changing people and dog‚Äės lives for the better.
Merry Christmas!! 

Butch’s new family writes:

Thanks for the email. I just wanted to update you on Butch. He is really starting to feel at home here. He and Fergus are starting to get along better and playing better.  There are still times they growl while they play, but we are pretty sure now, that it is just play.  We love Butch!  He is so easy to take care of and is very snuggly.  He sits in my lap most of the time, when he is not playing with Fergus.  He also loves our walks after work.

….Well, thanks again for everything. ¬†I’ll look forward to your emails.

Rosie’s new family writes:

Just wanted to drop you a little Thank You Note for Rosie. She is such a good dog and we love her so much. Her and Molly play like crazy and she seems to be very happy. I will attach some pics of her. Thank You once again.
Matt and Meredith

Sam the 9 year old black lab’s new owner Doreen writes:

We had been considering getting another dog for the last year to join our family, we already have a very active 5 year old Golden Retriever who loves to wrestle and run with other dogs so we knew he’d love to have a permanent playmate in our home. The thought of going through puppyhood again is the main reason we were dragging our feet for the last year. Then one day about one week before Thanksgiving we received an email from our friend Debora Wehling-Wilcox. She is a great gal who fosters unwanted dogs. Debora brings these poor pups into her home and gives them whatever they need until she can find a suitable home for them.¬†

Well, in this email was a flyer with several dogs available for adoption and there was Sam. Sam is a handsome black lab who will be 10 years old in February. It was obvious from his picture and even more so when we met him that he had been very well taken care prior to moving in with Debora. Come to find out his owners could no longer keep him due to illness. We were concerned that because of Sam’s age no one would want to adopt him so we thought we should at least meet to check this boy out. I met Debora and Sam with our Golden at a nearby park so the two dogs could do a meet and greet and they hit it off almost immediately, it was instant love for all of us. After a few days of careful consideration we decided to adopt Sam. We knew our routine would change with the addition of another 4 legged furry critter but Sam was so darn cute we just had to say yes!!¬†

Sam came to live with us one week later and it only took 1 day to realize what a fantastic dog he is, there are a lot of positives to adopting a senior dog. Sam has already been to the doggie spa with Tundra twice for grooming and Gym and Swim and gone on walks at least 3 times a week for an hour at a time, who would’ve thought an almost 10 year old dog could speed walk for an hour?

Sam loves to ride in the truck and he really loves the front seat, but he’s learned that his place is in the back seat with Tundra. Tundra and Sam wrestle and chase each other around our yard sharing and exchanging toys as they play. We have the Invisible Fence system on one acre and Sam figured out the boundaries by the second day and it helped having Tundra show him the ropes. The vet explained to us that Sam should lose a few pounds (age has a way of putting weight on all of us) and since joining our family has lost 3 pounds. We are so pleased with our decision to adopt a “senior” dog and with our decision to adopt Sam who is just a sweetie.

*Dottie, the rat terrier, moved to her new home. She is no longer kept on a chain in the backyard. She lives inside with her new family.