Volunteer Opportunities

Definition of a Volunteer…

An SCLP volunteer is an individual who, without being paid, does a task at the direction of SCLP. A volunteer must be approved before doing any duties at SCLP. All volunteers must read and sign a Volunteer Release form before volunteering. If you are under 18 years old, your parents must sign the Volunteer Release.




Volunteering as a dog walker at SCLP can really make a big difference to a rescue dog. Walkers give the dog exercise, affection and socialization that kenneled dogs need to stay healthy, happy and adoptable so that they can one day go home to a family that will care for them in ways their original owners did not.


Keeping the areas where the animals eat, sleep, and play is vital to the health and happiness of everyone who enters the building. This includes: washing dog/cat bowls, wiping down walls, kennel panels and beds, scooping litter boxes, scooping dog waste in the play yards, sweeping the floor, folding laundry, etc…


Dogs come to live at SCLP of all shapes and sizes and many of them require extra care if they have long fur or come in as stray. Giving them a bath and brushing their coat regularly is an important thing to make them more adoptable.


The dogs that live at SCLP often need additional training. By volunteering a couple hours a week or even once a month, you can help make a dog more adoptable. We need volunteers to come in and play with them, walk them, and teach dogs basic commands (‘sit’ ‘stay’ ‘heel’) which are important to keep the animals happy while they wait to be adopted. This also may greatly improve how quickly they get adopted.


These range from helping with fundraising events to projects related to the maintenance of the building (laying down gravel in the yard, putting up new kennels, etc..). Watch our Facebook page and your email for requests for special volunteer needs.

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*kids under 18, parent/guardian must sign