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The easiest way to get your pet back home is to have them microchipped. Ask your veterinarian about microchipping your pet today!!

4/5/2010 LOST tan neutered male cat lost in Wahoo if found call 277-0404.

4/2/2010 LOST 4 year Jack Russell Terrier, is missing. He did not have his collar with tags, so it will be difficult to identify him that way. He is white with a black patch on this eye. Call the rescue 402 432 2814 if you find this boy and we can give you the phone number of his owner.

LOST Harley has been lost since Sunday December 20th.  He broke his collar, he is a black lab mastiff mix.  He has a huge head and a thick neck.  He probably weighs close to 200lbs. He is intact. He went missing from my parents farm in rural Cedar Bluffs.  He is a friendly dog but does get excited and likes to jump on people.  He loves being around other dogs.  Please call Kadi Bendig 402-719-0691 or Ron Bendig 402-719-0671 or 402-628

LOST near 8th and Chesnut in Wahoo a gray and white cat belonging to Larry Cuda.

LOST in Wahoo on 5th Street a siamese cat, torti point (looks calico) female 41/2 months old. call 277 0866 if found.

LOST on 11/8/09 small doxon around Wahoo/Ithaca Christina Biggerstaff's cat. Call SCLP if found.

LOST Female Beagle on 11/10 near Branched Oak Lake. She has Blue ticking w/some white. She is a year and a half old female spayed beagle and very friendly, wearing a red collar with name tag. We're afraid she was taken but she may be lost. Please call 402-613-3642 if found or with any information. Will pay generous reward for her return.

LOST 11/4/09 Blue Merle female Austrailian Shepherd by Gretna. Last seen on Hyw 6 in Ashland REWARD. Phone if found 402-672-3432

LOST 10/30 chocolate lab in the Prague area. Call SCLP if found.

LOST by Branched Oak Lake--Male Beagle tri colored with alot of black. Neutered male had on a blue collar with tags, 1.5yrs old. If found, call Cheryl 402 613-3642.

LOST CAT in Mead-- Longhair, black, Male
Runt-t was chased by a stray cat on Sept. 28 by the Lutheran Church at Mead and we havent seen him since. He is heading towards Wahoo and may be found in the country between Mead and Wahoo. Cyndie Barris Call if found: 4026242019

LOST Cat at Sutton Estates--black with a white tuxedo, neutered male. His name is Mr. T call 968-9995 if found.

LOST dog south west of Yutan a german shorthair. If found contact the rescue for the owners phone number.

LOST in Valparaiso 2 kittens four months old one all black the other was a gray calico with white feet and stomach. Call the rescue if found and we will put you in touch with each other.

9/4/09 LOST in Wahoo two dogs. German Shorthair and Yellow lab female. Call the rescue if found.FOUND returned HOME

8/31/09 LOST Big Brown Lab Mutt male and at same time a black & white rat terrier, male. Last seen at White Sands Raceway north of Ashland on Sunday, August 30th, in the afternoon. call if found 402-450-4270 FOUND RETURNED HOME

8/21/09 We lost our Golden Retriever and Black Lab. Have you seen either of them? They disappeared a week ago and haven't been able to locate them in Fremont or Wahoo. Thanks for any help! Call Lori Anderson if found.

8/18/09 LOST Chocolate Lab Male. He left our house on Saturday afternoon around 1-2 pm. and is dragging his cable and stake. We have searched the section and cannot hear him bark like he is caught anywhere, however may not be able to. He would most likely be between G & H between Old 77 and Co. Rd. 16. If you find him contact SCLP for owner information. FOUND RETURNED HOME

7/19/09 LOST Beagle male with black brown and white. If you find him please let me know i am very worried about him and need him asap. He also has green tatoo in one of his ears. Call if found 402-719-9488

7/11/09 LOST 10 mo. old male Boxer. Took our dogs to parents farm. He is brown with white marking on chest, nose, and all four paws. He was last seen close to Hwy 92 and County Rd "Y". We miss him very much and are offering a reward for his safe return. If found please contact Lyle 402 540-5832, Deb 402 540-1540 or Earl 402 543-2348.

6/27/09 LOST Weimaraner blue/gray male. Answers to the name of "Blue" large/stocky 100+ pounds, droopy eyelid damaged from an encounter with a cat, small bump on his back near the tail, was inside the house when it caught fire, could have burn marks or cuts, no collar/tags call 402 499 2164 or 402 540-5832 if found.

6/7/09 LOST Black Lab female older - 15 years call 624-6785 if found. Lost between Mead and Ithaca.

6/22/09 LOST Black Lab male with a red collar by Wahoo. Call Bill Hancock if found.

6/17/09 TWO LOST DOGS by Ashland. Black and white dog and

6/17/09 LOST long haired siamese cat with blue eyes and a blue collar. Neutered male. In Wahoo on 10th Street. 443 7155 if found.

6/16/09 LOST Yellow cat by South Haven. Cat belongs at South Haven, but he got out and got lost.

6/11/09 LOST South of Wahoo 4 month old red lab. Call sclp if found.

6/8/09 LOST --Two Dogs by Colon. One yellow lab, and one golden retriever.

6/1/09 LOST black, white border collie with one brown spot over each eye with a camouflage collar. If found call sean, 402 443 1529.

6/2/09 LOST yellow cockatiel bird call.

5/31/09 lost yorkie poo in the wahoo area.

5/19/09 South of Yutan a spayed female Jack Russell Terrier no collar, no microchip. If found, call 402 616 7143.

4/13/09 Small brown and black fox terrier 10lbs lost on 4/10/09 between 8 and 11pm. call if found 277-6169 or 443-6102.

2/22/09 LOST CAT FROM CEDAR BLUFFS. He is a neutered male. Mostly White with Dark Gray back w/ brown stripes. He's older, about 13. A little on the small size for a male and he has a small scar on his nose and yellow eyes. He answers to Cooley and was lost from Cedar Bluffs residential area. He is also neutered and has all of his claws. Call SCLP if found.

2/20/09 LOST DOG IN MALMO AREA. Lost Australian Shepherd white male. comments: Lost on Feb. 15th north of Weston. His name is Jo Jo and he is 7 months old. He is deaf. FOUND

This site is dedicated in memory of Elliott and Sam Wilcox. To honor them and their fun loving, wonderful, yet onery spirits. Both were lost on 5/07/2005 when they got out of our yard and were never seen again. We have many wonderful memories of Elliott and Sam.

The loss of our two labs is the catalyst to starting this rescue. It is our hope that by the creation of this website and the rescue we can increase the chances for more lost pets to get back home. Our first goal is to return lost pets back home. When it is not possible to locate original owners our goal is to find new forever homes.

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