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We promise to disclose any known problems or characteristics with each pet we adopt out -- both the good and the bad, if there is any. However, we cannot guarantee that you will not encounter any behavioral issues, though we should be able to minimize the likelihood of these. If you have concerns about your pet after adopting from us please bring it to our attention, and we can work through it with you. Two of our Board Members are Certified Dog Trainers and work on animal behavior issues with owners.

We can help you become the pack leader in your home!

If you're in the unfortunate situation of having lost your pet there are three things you need to do immediately and repeatedly.

1. Call law enforcement non-emergency

  • in Wahoo 402 443-4155
  • out of Wahoo 402 443-1000.

2. Call Green Acre Animal Clinic and report your lost pet 402 443-3289(this is where the strays go after they get picked up by law enforcement.

3. Contact SCLP-Rescue and send us a picture of your pet along with your contact information.

4. Hang signs in your neighborhood. Call other shelters and humane societies.

The easiest way to get your pet back home is to have them microchipped. Ask your veterinarian about microchipping your pet today!!

Keep your pet safe all year round. Use Heartgard or equivalent product all year long.

Dog Rescue

This site is dedicated in memory of Elliott and Sam Wilcox. To honor them and their fun loving, wonderful, yet onery spirits. Both were lost on 5/07/2005 when they got out of our yard and were never seen again. We have many wonderful memories of Elliott and Sam.

The loss of our two labs is the catalyst to starting this rescue. It is our hope that by the creation of this website and the rescue we can increase the chances for more lost pets to get back home. Our first goal is to return lost pets back home. When it is not possible to locate original owners our goal is to find new forever homes.

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