give to the Dog Park

Fundraising has begun for our new Wahoo Dog Park!

The park will be located on the corner of Hackberry and 15th streets. Once our goal is reached, construction can begin. We are so excited to have a beautiful place to exercise all dogs, big and small.

A tired dog = a happy dog!

PHASE 1 goal is $75,000 and every dollar counts.


$1,000  AWNING (customizable with your name or logo)

$500 BENCH (customizable with your name or logo)

$250  TRASHCAN (customizable with your name or logo)

$100  CUSTOM PICKET (your name featured on the fence separating the two yards)


If you would like to make a donation to the dog park, please send checks to:

SCLP 226 W 5th St Wahoo, NE 68066

(receipts upon request)


if you’d like to sponsor one of the specific items above, please contact:

Deb Wilcox 402.432.2814.  |

*in the event that the dog park does not move forward for any reason, all funds donated/raised will remain at SCLP to continue our mission to care for and find forever homes for pets in our community.


Photos below are from our first big fundraiser hosted by Sid Dillon – FORD in March 2019

THANK YOU for everyone who contributed!